The Order of the Arrow offers an outstanding program that helps Scouts build friendships, skills, commitment to service and leadership, not to mention to make their Scouting experience memorable and enjoyable. 


The Arrowman's first duty is to provide service to their Troop. Beyond the Troop, the OA also serves the local fellow Scouts, the council, and the broader community. In addition, Scouts are a major contributor to the National Jamboree and the four BSA High Adventure Bases.


Some of the best leadership training available to youth is conducted by the Order of the Arrow. From local Chapter training to National Leadership Seminar (NLS) to dozens of sessions at NOAC, Scouts have opportunities to learn and grow. 

High Adventure

Arrowmen have unique opportunities for once in a lifetime experiences to both serve at BSA High Adventure Bases, but experiences them as participants like no other Scout. Philmont, Northern Tier, Seabase and Summit Bechtel Reserve all offer Arrowmen unique experiences to both work and participate in a high adventure at a reduced cost to the Scout.