The Pellissippi Lodge conducts and participates in numerous events each year. This gives Arrowmen many opportunities to serve, learn and have fun.


For many Scouts, their first OA experience is Callout, where they learn that their troop has elected them to be members of OA. Being elected signifies that their unit views them as a Scout the lives the Oath and Law and willingly serves others. In the Pellissippi, Lodge Callout is usually conducted at the District Camporees. Some troops do their own Callouts or handle them in different ways. 


Following Callouts, all candidates go through Ordeal. The Ordeal is the induction ceremony, for the Order of the Arrow. It is the first step of the journey of the Order. All candidates must complete the Ordeal in order to become members of OA. During Ordeal, candidates will maintain silence, be feed small amounts of food but plenty enough to sustain them. Candidates will also work alongside other candidates and Elangomat, a guide of sorts, on camp improvement projects. Candidates sleep apart from other campers during the Ordeal as well. The Ordeal experience is designed to teach significant values. Pellissippi Lodge holds two Ordeals each year, one in Spring and one in the Fall.

Chapter Meetings and Events

Each Chapter holds regular meetings to conduct chapter business, plan, do Scoutcraft, perform service, train and play games. Each Chapter sets its own schedule and meets in a location that central to that Chapter.


The Pellissippi Lodge holds three Fellowships each year; Fall, Winter, and Spring.  The Fellowship includes a wide range of activities including Quest games, leadership development, ceremonies and skills training, campfire programs, Pow-Wows and more. These Lodge wide events are usually held at Camp Buck Toms or Camp Pellissippi.  

Winter Banquet

Early each year the Pellissippi Lodge comes together for the Winter Banquet. It is an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of the Lodge, the Chapters, and individual members. The Winter Banquet varies each year but usually includes dinner and a program, followed by awards recognizing those the provided outstanding service in the prior year. Individual and awards are presented, Founders Awards are announced followed by Vigil callout.

Service Days

Both the Chapters and the Lodge will hold Service Days to give back to Scouting and the community by performing important service projects. Often these service days are conducted at Camp Buck Toms or Camp Pellissippi, to help keep the camp in working order, make camp improvements, or to prepare for upcoming events. The Chapters and Lodges may also conduct service for the broader community as well.  


Arrowmen have unique opportunities to participate in training. The Chapters and Lodge hold informal training sessions regularly, and the Lodge Conducts Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) yearly for newly elected leaders and appointed committee Chairs. LLD consist several training sessions as well as events, activities, and games.

Beyond the Lodge, there are Sectional, Regional and National training events throughout the year.

The National Leadership Seminar (NLS) is a weekend training event held at several different locations around the country each year. Arrow will have opportunities to learn leadership skills and more.

During Conclave, a gather of the Lodges in the Sothern Region, Section 6 (SR-6) Arrowmen have the option to participate in a wide range of activities including numerous training session.

The National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC), held every two years is a six-day conference that among other activities, includes dozens of training sessions covering a large array of topics.

There is training for adults as well. Both Conclave and NOAC have many training sessions for adults. In addition, Developing Youth Leadership Conference (DYLC) is usually conducting in conjunction with NLS. Philmont offers the Philmont Training Center (PTC) for adults to training a wide array of topics including OA Leadership. 


SR-6 Conclave is hosted each year by one of the nine different Lodges in our section. Conclave brings these nine Lodges together for fellowship, fun, and learning. Lodge compete against each other in Quest games, ceremonies, dance, publications and other events. Conclave also conducts a number of training sessions for youth and adult to learn about various topics. A large campfire program celebrating the Order caps off the event.


The National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) is held every other year, with a few exceptions. This six-day event brings together Arrowmen from around the country to celebrate the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service. Attendees take part in training, competitions, sports, games, and shows. This unique experience is a highlight moment for many Arrowmen.


Every four years the Order of the Arrow serves in Operation Arrow at the National Scout Jamboree. Arrowmen are a huge part of helping to make the Jamboree a successful event by serving in the Service Corps, as Trek Guides, and running India Village atop Garden Group Mountain.


Order of the Arrow High Adventure (OAHA) gives Arrowmen the opportunity to experience high adventure and serve simultaneously at one of the four BSA High Adventure Bases.

Philmont offers the OA Trail Crew, where Arrowmen spend 1-week building and maintaining miles of Philmont Trails. The second week Arrowmen make a trek of their own design.

Northern Tier offers two opportunities. Wilderness Voyage takes place in the Boundary Waterson the U.S. side of the border and the Canadian Odyssey in Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. The first week consists of building and maintaining portage trails and the second week is a canoe adventure through the wilderness of the U.S. or Canada.

Seabase offers a little different experience. This is a week-long program where Arrowmen work and play simultaneously while doing conservation work in places like the Dry Tortugas National Park located 70 miles from Key West. Arrowmen will swim, snorkel, paddle board, and kayak in the amazing waters of the Florida Keys.

Summit Bechtel Reserve offers the Summit Experience. This eight-day program takes place in two-part similar to Philmont and Northern Tier. The first four-days Arrowmen focus on building or maintaining trails around the Summit, and the New River Gorge National River Area. The next four-days Arrowmen will have options to participate in whitewater kayaking and rafting, mountain biking, climbing, and participation in other Summit activities.